Sarla Performance Fibers Q1 Consolidated EPS up 64%

Sarla Performance Fibers (SPFL) reported significant improvement in Consolidated Q1 EPS of Rs. 7.89 on the back of 53% increase in sales, excluding sales of traded goods last year in Q1. Most of the sales increase was driven by export of value added high tenacity nylon and polyester yarns. SPFL sales volume rose 29% and average selling price by 11% during the quarter. Savitex, a joint venture company of SPFL in Central America also supported this growth by increasing its revenue by 38%.

Commenting on this Q1 performance, SPFL’s MD Mr Krishna Jhunjhunwala said “We are not surprised by this earnings growth in Q1 and barring unforeseen situation expect a healthy growth in the coming quarters due to addition of big new clients, sourcing arrangements with dedicated buyers in Turkey and Portugal and increased production from company’s high tenacity nylon yarn plant.” He also mentioned that “demand in Europe and US market continues to remain under pressure but that has increased the scope of low cost outsourcing and SPFL is well positioned to benefit from the same. Current situation in Europe and US also presents the company to carry out strategic buyouts and partnerships to increase its sales further in these markets and reach large customers directly. “

SPFL has cash of Rs 76m and working capital debt of Rs258m at the end of Q1. Company’s book value stood at Rs 113 per share at the end of Q1, an increase of 4% over FY10. SPFL continued to monitor foreign exchange situation and does not foresee any major threats on this front due to its natural hedge of imported raw material.

Last year, SPFL invested in wind power capacity of 1.250 MW by spending Rs63m. This year, depending upon the cash surplus and attractiveness of the returns it will consider investing fresh funds in wind power. In core business, the CAPEX needs are limited and are unlikely to exceed Rs25m (other than new factory building) this year.

About Sarla Performance Fibers Ltd

SPFL is a leading exporter of high tenacity polyester and nylon yarns, having plants in India (Vapi, Silvassa) and Central America (through JV in Honduras). Over the last 15 years, SPFL has exported yarns worth Rs 5.75bn. In FY10 SPFL achieved revenue of Rs 1.31bn, cash profit of Rs 0.17bn and paid a dividend of Rs3.5 per share. SPFL is promoted by Madhusudan Jhunjhunwala and Krishna Jhunjhunwala. The Jhunjhunwala family holds 63% in SPFL and the balance is held by public. SPFL stock has a face value of Rs10 and is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of Rs 850mn as on 12 August, 2010.