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High Bulk textured polyester yarns

SPFL High Bulk Textured Polyester (Bulklon): Revolutionizing Narrow Fabrics & Hosiery

The textile industry has been on a relentless quest to find a durable and sustainable alternative to nylon without sacrificing quality. Introducing the SPFL High Bulk Textured Polyester, also known as Bulklon – a groundbreaking solution tailored for the modern fabric world.

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Understanding the Brilliance of High Bulk Textured Polyester: A Nylon Substitute

Designed with precision and a keen understanding of fabric needs, High Bulk Textured Polyester isn’t just another alternative—it’s a potential game-changer. Embedded in its core are attributes that make it remarkably similar, if not superior, to traditional nylon in several applications, especially in narrow fabrics and hosiery.

Features & Unparalleled Benefits of SPFL
High Bulk Textured Polyester


Superior Color Retention

High Bulk Textured Polyester showcases an unmatched capability to maintain vibrancy and integrity of colors. Its good color retention ensures your fabrics stay brilliant and fade-resistant over time.

Tailored Color Solutions with Custom Dye Matching

With our custom dye matching services, achieve the precise shade and vibrancy you envision. Our dedicated team ensures your exact color requirements are consistently met batch after batch

Oeko-Tex Certified 100: Assurance of Safety

Safety is paramount, especially when it pertains to the delicate skin of babies. High Bulk Textured Polyester is Oeko-Tex Certified 100 for baby wear, meaning it’s rigorously tested to be free from harmful substances.

The High Bulk Textured Polyester Edge: Bulk & Softness

Dive into the unique softness of High Bulk Textured Polyester. It exhibits excellent bulk, with its texture and softness being comparable to nylon, making it an outstanding choice for garments and fabrics directly in contact with the skin.

Engineered for Performance: Stretch and Recovery

True to its design, High Bulk Textured Polyester’s maximum stretch and recovery ensures textiles retain their shape and fit, even after repeated wear. This durability is cemented with yarn stretch properties that endure the entire lifespan of the garment.

Long-lasting & Robust

Every strand of High Bulk Textured Polyester boasts an impressive ability to withstand commercial laundering. This ensures that, whether it's for commercial use or personal care, the fabric remains undeterred in its texture and appearance. Paired with excellent abrasive properties, it guarantees a prolonged life for both knitted and woven products.

Versatile Variants and Batch Sizes: Catering to Every Need

In the world of textiles, one size or type doesn’t fit all. Different projects, garments, and designs have specific requirements, and at SPFL, we are dedicated to meeting them all with our High Bulk Textured Polyester offerings. Here’s a closer look at the available variants and batch sizes to suit every textile demand:

Textural Variants

Twisted Raw White

For those seeking the pure, unaltered elegance of polyester, our Twisted Raw White variant serves as an ideal choice. This untouched and natural-looking texture brings an organic and classic feel to any fabric.


A world of colors awaits with our Dyed variant. This option is perfect for projects that require vibrancy and a splash of specific shades. With the precision of our custom dye matching, you can rest assured of consistent, fade-resistant hues throughout.

Flexible Batch Sizes

Recognizing the diverse needs of our clientele, we’ve curated a range of batch sizes, ensuring that both large-scale manufacturers and boutique designers find exactly what they need:

1. 5 Kgs:

Perfect for those smaller projects or sampling processes, this batch size allows for experimentation and limited runs without the commitment of larger quantities.

2. 20 Kgs:

Ideal for mid-sized projects or specialty lines, this option ensures you have a substantial quantity without overwhelming storage requirements.

3. 50 Kgs:

Tailored for larger production runs, this batch size strikes a balance between volume and manageability, ensuring efficiency without compromise.

4. 325 Kgs:

For those looking to maintain a consistent supply for expansive projects, this is the ultimate choice. With 325 Kgs, you're equipped to handle high demand and continuous production cycles.

In essence, SPFL’s High Bulk Textured Polyester provides not just superior quality High Bulk Textured Polyester, but also the flexibility in variants and quantities to seamlessly integrate into any project, big or small.

End Uses and Benefits: Unlocking the Potential of SPFL High Bulk Textured Polyester

The fabric industry is as vast as it is varied, and the right materials can elevate the quality, longevity, and aesthetics of end products. With SPFL High Bulk Textured Polyester, a plethora of applications come to life, reaping a myriad of benefits. Let’s explore the diverse end uses and the accompanying advantages of choosing our High Bulk Textured Polyester.

Prominent End Uses of SPFL High Bulk Textured Polyester


Our High Bulk Textured Polyester shines brilliantly when incorporated into hosiery. Its intrinsic softness coupled with its stretchable nature ensures utmost comfort, making those long days easier on the feet.

Lingerie and Undergarments

The skin-sensitive zones require fabrics that are gentle and non-irritating. High Bulk Textured Polyester, with its remarkable softness and certified safety, makes it a top choice for intimate wear.

Sports & Active Wear

The durability and stretch-recovery properties of High Bulk Textured Polyester make it an excellent fit for sports and active wear, ensuring the garments retain their shape even after rigorous activities.

Home Textiles

From cushion covers to curtains, High Bulk Textured Polyester can be integrated into a range of home textiles, adding a touch of luxury and durability.

Specialty Narrow Fabrics

Belts, trims, or any narrow-woven fabrics get an upgrade with High Bulk Textured Polyester, enhancing their longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Compelling Benefits of Using SPFL High Bulk Textured Polyester in Your Projects

Superior Quality & Longevity

High Bulk Textured Polyester ensures that the end products last longer, saving costs in the long run and providing consumers with value for money.


Being Oeko-Tex Certified 100, it's a safe choice for all, especially for items intended for babies or direct skin contact.

Sustainable & Environmentally Conscious

By choosing High Bulk Textured Polyester, you're opting for a more sustainable alternative, contributing to a greener future.


From the vibrancy of dyed variants to the elegance of twisted raw white, the choices allow for a wide range of applications.


With its durability and resistance to wear and tear, High Bulk Textured Polyester proves to be a cost-effective choice in the long run, reducing the frequency of replacements or repairs.

In a world that demands both quality and functionality, SPFL's High Bulk Textured Polyester stands tall, promising unmatched excellence. Whether it's a fashion statement or everyday essentials, integrating High Bulk Textured Polyester ensures that the end product is nothing short of exceptional.

High Bulk Textured Polyester: The Future of High Bulk Textured Polyester

As the textile industry evolves, the demand for sustainable, durable, and high-performing materials increases. SPFL High Bulk Textured Polyester, our High Bulk Textured Polyester, rises to the challenge, offering an efficient solution that doesn’t compromise on quality. By integrating cutting-edge technology with an understanding of fabric demands, High Bulk Textured Polyester stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence.

As we venture forward into the textile realm, it’s clear that the future shines bright for High Bulk Textured Polyester. Embracing its myriad of features, we invite you to experience the unparalleled advantages of SPFL’s High Bulk Textured Polyester firsthand.


Frequently Asked Questions about High Bulk Textured Polyester (Bulklon)

Bulklon, also known as High Bulk Textured Polyester, is a groundbreaking textile solution developed by SPFL. Designed to mimic the properties of nylon, it offers a sustainable, durable, and soft alternative ideal for various textile applications.

Bulklon exhibits characteristics comparable to, if not superior than, traditional nylon. With its exceptional bulk and softness, coupled with durability and color retention, it provides a competitive alternative to nylon.

Bulklon is versatile and can be used in hosiery, lingerie, sports & active wear, home textiles, and specialty narrow fabrics, among others.

Absolutely. Bulklon is Oeko-Tex Certified 100, ensuring it’s rigorously tested and free from harmful substances, making it safe for baby wear and other skin-sensitive applications.

Bulklon boasts superior color retention, ensuring vibrant and fade-resistant colors throughout the fabric’s lifespan.

Yes, SPFL offers custom dye matching services for Bulklon, ensuring you achieve the exact shade and vibrancy you desire.

Bulklon is renowned for its unique softness, which is comparable to traditional nylon. This makes it an excellent choice for direct-to-skin fabric applications.

Definitely. Bulklon is designed to withstand commercial laundering and has excellent abrasive properties, ensuring longevity for both knitted and woven products.

Bulklon is available in a range of batch sizes, from 5 Kgs to 200 Kgs, catering to both small-scale and large-scale textile needs.

By choosing Sarla High Bulk Textured Polyester, you’re opting for a material that offers a sustainable alternative in the textile industry, contributing to a more environmentally conscious future.

With High Bulk Textured Polyester (Bulklon) by SPFL, the textile landscape is evolving to meet the demands of quality, sustainability, and versatility.

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