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Our state-of-the-art infrastructure allows us to process customized orders ranging from a few hundred to several thousand kgs. 

While our head office is in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, our manufacturing facilities are located in Silvassa, Dadra and Vapi, all about 160 km north of Mumbai. Silvassa houses SPFL’s primary manufacturing units, each next to the other with a new unit in Dadra about 10 km away. 

These are vertically integrated plants from Spinning to the latest technology for high bulk high stretch polyester and nylon muffs and hanks to our own in-house bonding and kingspool winding which all in all allow us to produce more than 250 different varieties of value-added yarns and threads to satisfy our niche and individual customer end applications. 

Today, SARLA has the largest capacity of air covering, single and double conventional covering in India. Our newly upgraded dyeing facilities, situated in Vapi (Gujrat Industrial Development Corporation), 12km away from Silvassa, is equipped with the latest technology to dye the perfect color in any fiber from stretch nylon, to textured sewing thread to high tenacity yarns.

With a Color Bank of over 5000 shades, SARLA’s laboratory develops 8 new colors on an average every single day! Our digital color matching systems with certified color technicians allow us to match a shade digitally and reproduce the exact shade with consistency. With batch sizes ranging from 1 kg to 500 kg, our automated dyeing vessels and systems ensure that dyeing procedures are executed correctly each and every time allowing us to give you the perfect shade in each order. 

All our facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified and managed. At Sarla, we believe in continuous innovation and technological upgradation. With an average machine age of less than 5 years, one of the shortest in the industry, we provide our customers with a quality product at a competitive price.


A complete laboratory with the latest equipment for comprehensive yarn testing is set up in each individual plant.
100% physical inspection of finished products.
Tailored packaging right from customized cartons to individualized stickers as per each customer’s requirements.



A textile hub thereby ensures an ample supply of industry –trained labour. Availability of consistent energy supply for running continuous operations 7 days/week. The factories are located outside Mumbai with easy access to sea ports, thus avoiding congestion of moving materials within Mumbai, while ensuring easy movements of containers for export.


Existing public effluent system. The waste treatment facilities set up in this area are especially designed to handle chemical effluent discharge. A short distance from Silvassa ensures easy movement between our manufacturing and dyeing units.



“SPFL will pursue knowledge, practices and decisions encouraging environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible manufacturing operations which will help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.”
-Krishna Jhunjhunwala
  Managing Director


>> A program has been implemented to replace lighting in the manufacturing facilities with more energy efficient lamps.
>> Where feasible, less efficient motors have been replaced with new less energy consuming motors on the manufacturing machines.
>> Utilizing energy generated by recently set up wind power plants


Cardboard cartons, manufacturing process waste (polyester and nylon) and damaged plastic products such as cones and tubes are recycled.


Allied material for SPFL’s internal processes and in internal transfers between Silvassa & Vapi is re-used and recycled.


SPFL’s dye house is equipped with a system to be energy efficient. The dyeing machines and the dyeing process is designed to reduce water and energy consumption. All process water used in dyeing is treated before returning it safely to the environment. Eco-friendly steam boiler.

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