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Textured Polyester Yarn

Introducing Textured Polyester Yarns

From the established manufacturer Sarla Performance Fibers Limited, an ISO 9001:2015 certified leader, we present our signature product – Textured Polyester Yarns. 

As pioneers in the yarn industry, Sarla Performance Fibers has metamorphosed from producing commodity yarns to specialized high-value yarns. Dive deeper into the unique features and diverse applications of our textured polyester yarns.

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The Sarla Legacy: Where Quality Meets Craftsmanship

Sarla’s yarns have seamlessly blended into our daily lives. From the knee-length socks sported by football players to the delicate embroidery of a fashionable dress, Sarla yarns weave a tale of quality and finesse. Whether it’s the everyday t-shirt of a business executive or the intricate stitching on a luxury mattress, our yarns provide the unseen strength and beauty.

Applications of Textured Polyester Yarns

Understanding where our product fits is crucial. The textured polyester yarn is not just a thread but an embodiment of strength and versatility. Our yarns are extensively used in:


Furniture Upholstery

Furniture Upholstery

Add a touch of class and durability to furniture.

Sewing Thread

Sewing Thread

Strong, reliable stitching starts here.

Automotive Upholstery

Automotive Upholstery

Ensuring car interiors are not just comfortable but long-lasting.

Narrow Fabrics

Narrow Fabrics

For the little details that matter.



Binding things together with strength.

Unique Features & Benefits of Textured Polyester

Choosing our textured polyester yarns ensures you’re opting for the very best in the market. Here’s why

Low Shrinkage Characteristic

When crafting textiles or garments, consistent sizing is imperative. Shrinkage can often compromise the size, fit, and appearance of a fabric after washing or exposure to heat.

Excellent Bulk Properties

Bulk in yarn refers to its ability to fill space and provide a full, rich appearance without adding significant weight.

Okeo-Tex Certified 100 CLASS 1 for Baby Wear

Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to products meant for the most vulnerable - babies.

Good Abrasive Properties for Extended Fabric Life

Wear and tear are natural over time, but our yarn's inherent abrasive properties ensure that fabrics resist such wear for much longer.

Custom Dye Matching for Providing Exact Color Requirement

Every brand or product might require a unique shade or hue to align with its design philosophy.

High Degree of Colorfastness to Withstand Extensive Washing

Color fading can be a significant concern, especially for garments that are frequently washed.

Customization & Specifications

Crafted to meet diverse needs, our textured polyester yarns come in several variants

Raw White

Pristine and unadulterated.

Twisted Raw White

Adds a unique texture and finish to the fabric.

Twisted Raw White on Dye Tubes
Ready for a burst of color.

Textured Dyed

Dyed to perfection.

Twisted Dyed

Combining color and texture flawlessly.

Twist – 60 TPM Onwards

Perfect for specialized requirements.

Batch Sizes

Whether you need 5Kgs or 480Kgs, we have got you covered.

100% Recycled Post-Consumer

Made entirely from post-consumer waste, this yarn not only offers top-tier quality but also aids in reducing environmental impact. It’s a testament to our dedication to a greener future and our belief that quality and sustainability can coexist harmoniously.

Why Textured Polyester Yarns?

Choosing Sarla means entrusting your products with the best. With our rich legacy and commitment to quality, the SPFL Textured Polyester Yarns promise performance and durability, making them a preferred choice for discerning manufacturers.

The Journey Ahead

We constantly strive to innovate, ensuring our yarns meet the evolving needs of the industry. With future plans to expand our product range and delve deeper into sustainable manufacturing, we aim to uphold our reputation as a trusted brand.

In the vast world of yarns and threads, the SPFL Textured Polyester stands out, not just for its features but for the legacy and trust of Sarla Performance Fibers Limited. Let the strength, versatility, and quality of our textured polyester yarns redefine your products. Join us in weaving the fabric of the future.


SPFL Textured Polyester Yarns

SPFL Textured Polyester Yarns are versatile and are primarily used in sewing threads, furniture and automotive upholstery, narrow fabrics, and tapes.

Our textured polyester yarns boast a low shrinkage characteristic, excellent bulk properties, and high colorfastness. This ensures fabrics retain their beauty even after extensive washing, making them a preferred choice for many applications.

Absolutely! Our yarns are Okeo-Tex Certified 100 CLASS 1, making them safe and suitable even for baby wear.

The SPFL Textured Polyester Yarns are available in various shades, including Raw White, Textured Dyed, and Twisted Dyed. We also offer Twisted Raw White and Twisted Raw White on Dye Tubes.

Yes, we offer great flexibility with our batch sizes. Depending on your requirements, you can order batches ranging from as small as 5Kgs to as large as 400Kgs.

Sarla Performance Fibers Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company with a legacy of producing high-quality yarns. Our textured polyester yarns are a testament to our commitment to quality, ensuring durability, strength, and finesse in your products.

The texture in our polyester yarns provides excellent bulk properties, enhancing the feel and appearance of the final product. This ensures a rich, luxurious feel to fabrics and other applications.

Yes, our yarns have good abrasive properties, which means they enhance the fabric’s life, ensuring durability even with regular use.

Absolutely! Our textured polyester yarns have a high degree of colorfastness, ensuring that the vibrant colors are retained even after extensive washing.

Yes, being an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, we adhere to strict quality control measures to ensure consistency and quality across all our batches.

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