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Textured Nylon Stretch Yarn

Textured Nylon Stretch Yarn: A Fusion of Strength, Softness, and Sustainability

With an ever-evolving world of textiles, the demand for quality, durability, and sustainability in yarns is paramount. Introducing the SPFL Textured Nylon Stretch Yarn, a product that has redefined industry standards, ensuring your creations stand out both in quality and conscience.

Applications: Beyond the Ordinary

Our Textured Nylon Stretch Yarn is not just another yarn; it’s the backbone of diverse applications that touch our lives daily:

Active Wear

Active Wear

Supporting every movement, ensuring maximum flexibility without compromise.

Swim Wear

Swim Wear

Designed to withstand the rigors of chlorine, salt, and sun, keeping swimwear vibrant and form-fitting.

Hosiery & Undergarments

Hosiery & Undergarments

Offering unparalleled comfort and the soft touch that our skin deserves.

Narrow Fabrics & Tapes

Narrow Fabrics & Tapes

Providing strength and consistency, ensuring longevity and performance.

Furniture & Automotive Upholstery

Furniture & Automotive Upholstery

Where durability meets aesthetics, making every sit a luxury.

Why SPFL Textured Nylon Stretch Yarn Stands Out

Color Integrity that Speaks Volumes

Good Color Retention

The brilliance of color is a testament to the quality of yarn. With our textured nylon stretch yarn, fabrics retain their vibrancy even after prolonged use. This characteristic ensures that garments and textiles maintain their fresh and lively appearance, resisting the usual fading from environmental factors and regular wash cycles.

Custom Dye Matching

Creativity is boundless, and so are color choices. Our custom dye matching service ensures that specific hues and shades are recreated to the exact specifications of designers and manufacturers. This precision not only meets aesthetic demands but also ensures consistency across large fabric batches.

Prioritizing Safety and Comfort

Oeko-Tex Certified 100 for Baby Wear

Children's skin is delicate, making the materials in contact crucial. Our yarn is Oeko-Tex Certified, ensuring it is free from substances that could harm tender skin. This certification guarantees safety and provides peace of mind for parents and manufacturers alike, cementing our commitment to producing yarns of the highest safety standards.

Unique Softness

Softness is more than just a tactile sensation; it's a promise of comfort. Sarla's dyed hank nylon yarn has gained widespread recognition for its unparalleled softness. This unique property ensures that garments feel luxurious and gentle against the skin, enhancing the overall wearing experience.

The Epitome of Durability and Performance

Crimp Rigidity

A yarn's crimp rigidity is essential for maintaining the texture and structure of fabrics. Our dyed textured nylon has an elevated crimp rigidity percentage, meaning textiles retain their form and feel, irrespective of the external stresses they endure.

Optimal Stretch & Recovery

The elasticity of yarn determines the flexibility and comfort of the final garment. Our yarn is engineered to stretch seamlessly and return to its initial shape, ensuring garments retain their fit and form even after repeated use.

Lifetime Stretch Guarantee

Our commitment is long-term. The stretch properties infused in our yarn are designed to endure, ensuring they persist for the entire life span of the garment. This means consistent comfort and fit, wash after wash.

Endurance against Commercial Laundering

In commercial settings, textiles are subjected to intense laundering cycles. Our yarn stands resilient, maintaining its color, form, and structural integrity, making it a preferred choice for commercial applications.

Resistance to Ultra-Violet Light

The sun's rays can deteriorate fabrics over time. However, our yarn boasts a robust UV resistance, ensuring that textiles resist sun-induced wear and color fade, prolonging their life and appearance.

Superior Abrasive Properties

Wear and tear are natural adversaries of fabrics. Our yarn's enhanced abrasive properties provide an extra layer of defense, particularly for knitted products and fabrics. This translates to longer-lasting textiles that withstand daily stresses with ease.

Variants of SPFL Textured Nylon Stretch Yarn: Tailored for Every Need

Nylon Forms: The Foundation

Nylon 6 and 6.6

These are the fundamental variants of our textured nylon yarn. Each type has its distinct characteristics:

Nylon 6

Known for its elasticity and resilience, Nylon 6 offers impressive strength coupled with a soft touch. Its inherent qualities make it suitable for a diverse range of applications, from active wear to upholstery.

Nylon 6.6

A higher melting point and superior tensile strength define Nylon 6.6. It's renowned for durability, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty applications without compromising on texture and feel.

Embracing Color: The Dye Variants

Twisted Raw White

A pristine variant that offers a natural and unadulterated texture. Perfect for those seeking a base form ready for customization, whether through dyeing or pattern weaving.

Twisted Raw White on Dye Tubes/Muff/Hanks (Ready-to-dye form)

Designed for those who demand flexibility in color selection. This variant allows manufacturers and designers to achieve their desired shade without compromising on yarn quality. The ready-to-dye form ensures uniformity and vibrancy in every dye batch.

Muff/Hank Dyed

This method offers deeper and more consistent color penetration throughout the yarn. Resulting in richer colors that stay true even after prolonged use and washing.

Dope Dyed

An eco-friendly dyeing process where the dye is integrated into the yarn during its creation. This ensures outstanding color retention, uniformity, and reduced environmental impact due to decreased water usage.

Precision in Detail

Twist - 60 TPM Onwards

Twisting yarn affects its strength, texture, and appearance. Our twists start from 60 Turns Per Meter (TPM) and can be tailored further based on specific needs, ensuring the right balance between aesthetics and function.

Batch Versatility

Batch Sizes from 5 Kgs to 300 Kgs

No demand is too small or too large for us. Whether it's a niche project or a mass production, we cater to diverse batch sizes, ensuring consistent quality throughout.

Pioneering Sustainability

Recycled Variant

Reflecting our commitment to a greener tomorrow, this variant is crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled material. It's a testament to our belief that top-tier quality and environmental responsibility can go hand-in-hand.

Experience the Luxurious Touch

Super Soft

A variant that stands true to its name. Immerse in unparalleled softness that not only feels luxurious but also offers exceptional durability. Ideal for applications where comfort is paramount.

A Legacy of Excellence

In summary, the SPFL Textured Nylon Stretch Yarn stands as a paragon of innovation, versatility, and quality. Every variant, intricately designed, underscores our commitment to cater to a diverse array of applications, from active wear to intricate upholstery. Our expansive range of features and offerings embodies the essence of true craftsmanship, ensuring not just the best product, but also an environmentally conscious one. Entrusting Sarla’s nylon yarn is not merely a choice of material; it’s a choice of enduring quality, sustainability, and unmatched performance. Dive into a world where textile excellence meets responsible crafting.


SPFL Textured Polyester Yarns

SPFL Textured Nylon Stretch Yarn offers a unique blend of resilience, color retention, and unparalleled softness, making it ideal for a range of applications. Our yarn is also eco-friendly, with options sourced from 100% post-consumer recycled materials.


Yes! We offer custom dye matching services to ensure that your specific color requirements are met precisely and consistently across large  batches.

Absolutely! Our yarns are Okeo-Tex Certified 100 CLASS 1, making them safe and suitable even for baby wear.

The dope dyeing process integrates dye into the yarn during its creation, resulting in reduced water usage and waste. This method ensures exceptional color retention while minimizing environmental impact.

The stretch properties of our yarn are designed to last the entire lifespan of the garment. This ensures consistent comfort and fit throughout its use.


We offer a versatile range, catering to batch sizes from as small as 5 Kgs to as large as 300 Kgs, ensuring quality remains consistent irrespective of the volume.

Yes, our yarn boasts a strong resistance to Ultra-Violet light, ensuring prolonged life and appearance of the textiles even when exposed to sunlight.

The Super Soft variant is ideal for applications where comfort is paramount, such as intimate wear, baby clothing, and any textile where a luxurious touch is desired.

Crimp rigidity relates to the yarn’s ability to maintain texture and structure. Our dyed textured nylon has a high crimp rigidity percentage, ensuring textiles retain their form and feel, irrespective of external stresses

Both Nylon 6 and 6.6 have unique characteristics. While Nylon 6 is lauded for its elasticity and resilience, making it apt for versatile applications, Nylon 6.6 boasts higher tensile strength, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications. Depending on your specific needs, either can be chosen to fit the purpose.


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